Why Winter Driving Isn't As Scary As You Think...

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It’s not that winter driving is difficult, it’s that you 
aren’t prepared.

It’s no doubt that adverse weather makes drivers increasingly cautious on the roads; novice and experienced alike. As we continue to prepare for the incoming snow, here are some helpful tips to navigate the fluffy weather – especially if you’re a new Ontarian driver.

Get Winter Tires

As trusty as all seasons are said to be, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a good pair of winter tires on your vehicle. Good winter tires equals good traction – something that you’ll be needing to effectively turn and stop on slushy and icy surfaces. In addition, be sure to check your tire pressure to ensure that they perform at maximum capacity!

Slow down, it’s okay!

Distance is your bestfriend in the winter time! You never know what adverse weather is going to bring you. Black ice, slush, snow and even fog all call for slower speeds and greater distance.

Keep Your Car Clean!

Well, mainly the outside. The inside is your business, hah! Be sure to clear snow and ice off your vehicle before driving. What can be scary is losing visibility when driving because the snow on your roof decided to slide down onto your windshield. Save yourself the trouble of having to pull off onto the side of the road to clean what should have been cleaned at home.

Full your Fluids!

We’re talking about your gas tank and windshield washer fluid! Think ahead and be cautious. Keep your tank at least half full when you can. Yes, that does mean more frequent trips to the gas station so we hope you have gloves! 

Be sure to keep your winter washer fluid topped up and get rid of those streaky wipers! We want to make sure we can always see when driving in adverse weather!

Have an emergency car kit!

This tip is a game changer. It will ensure that you are prepared for the worst possible winter disaster. Some basics for your kit include (but are not limited to):

  • Food – ones that won’t spoil, ofcourse! For example, energy or granola bars!
  • Water 
  • Blanket (personally, I keep a thick fuzzy one in the trunk!)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Small Shovel, scraper, snowbrush
  • Flashlight


And the list can go on!


Winter driving can be scary but it is manageable. The best you can do is be as prepared as possible. Slow down, clean your car and have an emergency kit ready.


What’s your favourite winter driving tip? 

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